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Lockists​ Smart Scooter Sharing System v.Wheel

Let Sharing Make Sense!


Every Scooter Deserve the Chance to Join the Sharing!


Dear Owner...
Wouldn’t it be great to create passive income when the scooter is not in use?

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Easy and safe

Scooter owners puts the customized scooter key into the smart lock to lock on the back wheel, and sets the information:

*Sharing Price

*Retrieve time

*Scooter Information

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Easy to retrieve

Before each launch, you can decide the size of the concentric circles in the return range

Green circle, There is a certain range for launching, it is about 5-7 minutes walk from the launching location for easy retrieval.

Blue circle: In addition to the system default green circle, a blue circle about a 25-30 minute ride from launching location, can be added to improve the chance of successful matching.

Dear Renter...
Isn't it romantic to meet friends and rent scooter everywhere at same time?​

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Find Scooter

Renter can find the most suitable scooters nearby, and uses the APP to control the smart lock, obtain the customized key, unlock the back wheel and use the scooter.

【Smart device must be kept in the scooter trunk】

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Park to  promise  zone

Followed the instructions of the app to park the scooter in the "open legal public parking space".

And please abide by the membership rules as follows:

*Park in the blue zone.

*There is discounts in the green zone"



Ingenuity to Build!


4 Years to Focus on Research and Development!


The Sustainable Sharing Plan includes:

Smart Scooter Sharing Device X 1
Exclusive Chip Scooter Key X 1
Platform System Maintenance Fee X 12 months
Device Sustainable Deposit X 1 type

Within 12 months from the next month after the device is received, if the owner’s scooter sharing revenue does not exceed the amount paid by the Sustainable Sharing Plan at first, then platform won't take 30% of the revenue sharing.

From the 13th month, if the revenue does not exceed the paid Platform System Maintenance Fee, the platform does not take 30% of the revenue sharing. 



1. The "Device Sustainable Deposit" needs to be refunded after the formal withdrawal process is completed. The platform will check whether the smart scooter sharing system and the accessories that should be returned are completely returned. For detailed specifications, please refer to the contents of the membership service terms and the return reminder confirmation list in the box.
2. Exclusive chip scooter key embryo, the first one is a gift, if it is lost, it will be charged 350 NTD from the lost person.
3. Relevant handling charges for non-Cathay United Bank accounts must be absorbed by yourself.
​4. In the scooter sharing revenue sharing model, the R-level owner members will share 70% of the revenue each time they share, and they will be remitted to the designated bank account before the 15th of the next month.


Join Renter

Find owner's scooter through the APP.

A clear understanding of the budget and conditions before renting

​Ride scooter in a more flexible and smart way.

Renter APP Download
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Join Owner

Share your own scooters anytime, anywhere.

You can also customize the price and retrieve time.

Platform can automatically matching & brings passive income.

Questionnaire for Owner
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