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Lockists Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Lockists Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Lockists Co.,Ltd. ("We"), in order to protect the security and privacy of your personal information when using the "Lockists" App, the "Lockists Owner" App (the “Service”) and the Company's official website the "Lockists Motorcycle Sharing Platform" (collectively, the "Website"), the Company will comply with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations for the protection of personal privacy and the security of personal information, and has prepared the "Personal Information and Privacy Protection Policy" (the “Policy“) so that you can understand how the Company collects, processes, utilizes and protects personal information in the Service, as described below.

In order to ensure the protection of your personal information and privacy, the Company will provide the following pre-collection information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act:

1、Scope of application

This policy applies to the collection, processing, use, international transmission and protection of your personal information when you use the software application (hereinafter referred to as the APP) or this website provided by the Company for use on smart mobile terminal devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets, etc.). However, it does not apply to the APP, website or webpage that is linked to a third party through this APP or this website.

2、Purpose and method of collecting personal information

(1)We collects personal information for the purposes of membership marketing, customer management, billing management, internal statistical research and analysis, membership management and services, e-commerce services, database management, information security management, access to the records of fines and parking fees of the members themselves and their vehicles, and other business needs as specified in the business registration or bylaws (specific purposes of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Ministry of Justice and categories of personal information categories (Ministry of Justice Personal Information Protection Act and categories of personal information, Item No. 040 Marketing, 052 Membership management, 063 Collection, processing and use of personal information by non-public institutions as provided by law, 069 Contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters, 090 Consumer, customer management and services, 135 Information and communication services, 136 Information communication and database Management, 137 Information Security and Management, 148 Internet The business activities of companies are as follows. (1) shopping and other e-commerce services, 152 advertising or business practices management, 157 surveys, statistics and research analysis, 181 other businesses that fall within the scope of the business registration or the articles of incorporation.

(2)We collects personal information through the member registration process, the member's online personal information and various service forms, and the member's submission of supporting documents. Members can choose whether to provide information and the completeness of the information provided. However, when certain services and functions can only be used based on the information provided by members, if members do not provide complete and correct personal information, in addition to some of the functions of the service may not be used, and may violate the Company's terms of service for members and related laws and regulations.

(3) If you choose to connect one or more social network accounts (such as Facebook, Google, Sign In With Apple) to your account with this service, and after you agree, the company will obtain information from your social network account , such as E-mail... and other basic personal information.

3、Type of personal data collected

The personal information collected by the Company includes

  • C001 Identify individuals: such as name, address, phone number, photo, email, etc.

  • C002 Financial identifier: e.g. bank account number, credit card level, etc.

  • C003 Identifiers in government data: e.g. ID card number, etc.

  • C011 Personal Description: Information such as age, gender, date of birth, etc.

  • C021 Family situation: information such as marital status and whether there are children.

  • C024 Other social relationships: such as friends, colleagues, and other information.

  • C032 Property: Information such as movable or immovable property owned or having other rights.

  • C034 Travel and other migration details: Information such as past migrations, travel details, etc.

  • C039 License or other permission: such as driver's license, driving license and other information.

  • C040 Accidents or other incidents and related circumstances: information such as the subject of the accident, the nature of the damage or injury, the parties and witnesses, etc.

  • C132 Uncategorized data: Information such as files, reports, etc.

  • The Company will use cookies to manage the APP and record member activity records.

  • Our APP management system will record the IP address, browsing time and other track information of the members and store the track information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

4、The period, area, recipient and method of processing and use of Personal Data


We will keep the personal information collected during the period of providing the Service. Unless otherwise provided by law, the Company will keep the personal information collected until the purpose of collection is terminated, the Member terminates the Service or requests to stop using it.


We will not transfer your personal information to areas outside of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.


Except as otherwise provided by law, we will only use your personal information for the purposes for which you have agreed to provide the Service and to the extent that it is inherently related to those purposes, and will not arbitrarily transfer your personal information to other third parties or use it for other purposes. However, we will provide the necessary information to our partners to facilitate the smooth provision of the Service.


The personal information collected by we will be used for our's membership management, matching of shared motorcycle owner members and user members, relevant verification and measures required for the provision of this service, checking the fines and parking fees records of the members themselves and shared vehicles, member advertising and marketing, customer management, internal statistical surveys and analysis, etc.

5、The rights and means of exercising the data of the parties

(1)A person who delivers personal information to the Company may exercise the following rights in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law:

  • To make inquiries or requests for access.

  • Request for a copy.

  • Request for supplement or correction.

  • To stop the collection, processing or use of personal information.

  • Request for deletion.

(2)Limitations on the exercise of rights

If you do not comply with the Company's application procedures or relevant laws and regulations, the exercise of the foregoing rights will be restricted.


When you exercise the rights in the first paragraph 1 to 3 of this section, the Company will charge the necessary costs at its discretion.

(4)Methods of exercising rights

You may apply for the exercise of your rights under this section by contacting the Company through the customer service mailbox of this website or the customer service center option of this APP. The Company may ask you to submit relevant documents to verify your identity. If you appoint someone else to apply on your behalf, you should submit a letter of appointment and provide proof of identity of yourself and your agent.

6、Notification of Benefit Impact

(1)You should fill in all the fields of your personal information. If you are unable to provide complete and accurate personal information, it will affect the contact between the Company and the member, service provision, identity verification or handling of related customer complaints. You should update your personal information at any time to avoid affecting your rights and interests.

(2)If you fail to provide complete and accurate personal information and cause damage to the Company or a third party, you shall be liable for all damages or compensation.

7、Categories of Cookies

Cookies are short pieces of information that are sent from the Web server to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive to help you remember specific information for using the resources on this site. For example, a cookie can store information required to log in so that you do not have to re-enter the information to navigate through the pages of the site in the future.

This site will use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Use as a communication and identification tool with you.

  • To save your preferences and provide you with a personalized service.

  • To verify your use of this website and to improve the quality of service; and

  • To improve the security of our system.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may exclude them from your browser's settings yourself. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will still be able to browse the pages of this website in most cases, but you may not be able to use some of the services. In order to ensure the normal provision of services on this website and to maintain system security, we will retain your cookie information on your browser in a strongly encrypted form to prevent unauthorized access.

8、Use of Third Party Service Links

On the Site, you may be able to click on third party websites links. The privacy policy of these third party websites is not administered by us and therefore the privacy statement of this website does not apply to these third party websites. You are advised to read the privacy policies of such third party websites before providing personal information on such third party websites.

9、Personal Information Security Maintenance

The Company will maintain the security of personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and implement appropriate security measures to prevent the theft, tampering, destruction, loss, leakage, or other damage to the personal information of personal data subjects with reasonable technology.

10、Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We may amend this policy at any time and will announce the amended provisions in this APP and notify all members using the service by email. When you continue to use this service after any modification or change of this policy, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the contents of this policy after modification or change. If you do not agree with this policy, please immediately terminate the Service and stop using the APP.

11、Personal information and privacy protection consultation

Personal information and privacy protection consultation

If you have any questions about the Company's personal information and privacy protection policy or the collection, processing, use or update of personal information, please use the APP customer service center option or contact the customer service mailbox:

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