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 Different time & space though

Still can share same scooter


Dare to Thrive from Only One Scooter of Founder!

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Lockists​ Smart Scooter Sharing System

Let Sharing Make Sense !


Let Every Existing Scooters Can be Unmanned Sharing

Lockists use Smart Scooter Sharing System to achieve unmanned sharing of existing scooters, thereby greatly activating the idle time of scooters and achieving the vision of ESG sustainable cycle of resources.

Lockists APP allows members to customize the sharing price, retrieving time, and accessories information of the scooter, and control Smart Scooter Sharing Device, to share the idle time of their own scooters, and match them to other members who have rental needs.

Smart Scooter Sharing Device can keep the scooter’s key, lock on the scooter or motorcycle , and cooperate with the APP to achieve the function of scooter's key delivering and asset tracking.

Lockists Story

Lock + ists


The Sharing of Private Scooters Can Liberate Hundreds Million of Scooters' Idle Time Around the World!


Every Scooter Deserve the Chance to Join the Sharing!


Join Renter

Find owner's scooter through the APP.

A clear understanding of the budget and conditions before renting

​Ride scooter in a more flexible and smart way.

Renter APP Download
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Join Owner

Share your own scooters anytime, anywhere.

You can also customize the price and retrieve time.

Platform can automatically matching & brings passive income.

Crowdfunding for Owner
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